what do we do

We offer bespoke learning and development solutions for organisations
and individuals that deliver results, have impact and are fun.

Cube Learning and Development is about 3 people who went into business
together to spend time working with challenging and ambitious clients.
We are never happier than when we are designing and delivering development.
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  • Organisational Development

    With the right structure in place, achieving your operating plans and business strategy is straightforward. Great organisational development means everything you’re doing with your people, from job descriptions to appraisals, is promoting the skills, values and behaviour that are right for your organisation.

    Organisational Development services:

    • Structure design
    • Performance mechanisms
    • Role profiles and job descriptions
    • Performance management
    • Reviews and appraisals

  • Leadership Development

    Get to know what good leadership looks like and how your organisation measures up. Cube will work with you to take the practical steps that develop the leaders your organisation needs.

    Leadership development services:

    • Focus groups
    • Bespoke workshops designed and delivered on key topics including
      • Managing successful teams
      • Motivation skills
      • Improving communication
      • Improving personal impact
      • Developing self awareness
      • Change manangement
      • Problem solving and decision making

  • Facilitation

    Business meetings run smoothly, engage everyone and come to a productive conclusion with Cube’s independent facilitation service. We let the people involved run their own meetings, while helping move debates on, offering challenge or direction where needed and bringing a fresh supply of new ideas to the table.

  • Training Workshops

    Investing in the skills of your people strengthens your business. Your training requirements are unique, so we offer a huge choice of bespoke training workshops, all delivered by an experienced member of the Cube team.
    Examples include: 

    • Customer service skills
    • Performance review
    • Time management
    • Change management
    • Feedback and coaching skills
    • Presentation skills
    • Managing conflict 

    We also offer follow up review sessions and live observations after the training to assess the performance improvement and implementation.

  • Coaching

    With more awareness of their strengths and weaknesses, groups and individuals can improve performance and work more productively together.

    Coaching services include:

    • Group coaching workshops
    • One-to-one sessions
    • Myers Briggs Type Personality Profiling

  • One to One Training

    Perfect your skills and grow your confidence with Cube’s personalised, focused support and feedback.
    One to one sessions include:

    • Interview skills
    • Presentation skills
    • Personal impact

    Contact Us to talk about your needs and we can discuss what we can do for you.

  • Personal Coaching

    Cube’s personal coach, Meg Burton, specialises in helping individuals overcome their obstacles to success, and achieve their personal career goals. She can help you feel and be at your best and get you smiling inside and out.

    Personal coaching could cover areas such as:

    • Clarifying goals
    • Building self-confidence
    • Seeing your way forward

    Meg offers face-to-face or telephone coaching sessions to help clients achieve their personal career goals. 
    Contact Us
    to find out more about our personal coaching.

  • Myers Briggs Type Personality Profiling

    This well-established personality profiling system can help individuals uncover their strengths and consider how to best use them, improve their interactions and rapport with others, and develop better self awareness.
    MBTI system includes:

    • One-to-one or team personality profiling
    • Questionnaire and feedback session

    MBTI is a widely recognised tool licensed through OPP. The profiling includes a questionnaire and feedback session. We have used this tool with clients from a variety of industries and job roles. Contact Us to find out more.

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