It’s not what we do but how we do it that makes Cube different.
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Our Values - what’s important to us

We want to work with clients we love. Those are the clients who love developing their people, taking risks, and having fun. We love clients who allow us to form partnerships with them in which we can be creative and think laterally to generate the very best solutions.

In return, we’ll always do what we say we will be and we will agile, responsive and hardworking.

Our Approach - how we work

We work closely with our clients to ensure our solutions fit your brand, values and personality. We will get to know you so well that our working relationship fits together like pieces of a jigsaw. Experience has shown us that becoming part of the clients’ team is the best method to enable us to help you shape your future.

Our Process with Organisations

Cube’s unique proposals include a free demonstration of a coaching or training session, so you have a full picture of how we will work with you.

This will follow meetings in which we discuss your needs and agree outcomes. Then Cube will work with you to pinpoint the issues and develop solutions that will shape the future you want for your business. Once agreed, we will work as closely with you as you feel appropriate to design and deliver our solutions. All our projects are concluded with a thorough evaluation so you can see how the outcomes have been achieved.

Our Process with Individuals

We will have an initial face to face or telephone meeting to discuss your needs and agree a programme or solution that is right for you. We will agree a price in advance based on the number of sessions you require, from one session onwards. If you require tailored one-to-one training we can work with you to improve on on a specific development area, such as presentation skills or your Personal Impact. Click here to find out more about our one-to-one training.

We offer personal coaching in blocks of sessions and provide you with the option of working face-to-face or using telephone coaching. Click here to find out more about our Personal Coaching.

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